Member's Update

The addition of new videos has slowed a bit because I'm currently in the process of adding full printable recipes with a picture to go along with all the video recipes on the Member's site. Now you'll be able to view the entire process on the video to see exactly how it's done, then print the recipe and take it into the kitchen with you to continue to guide you to a successful creation!

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The Black Sheep Cooking Club

News on Guest Chef Dinners

Great fun! My time at Nieuport 17 in Tustin has been has been a post Black Sheep over the top good time.  Many regulars, and some who never made it to the Black Sheep Bistro have become regulars for these events.

Here's a fun video Jaryd Lucero at the OC Register did at one of the events. Look at the room Nieuport 17 has given us and notice it's one long table, and the setting reminds me of the hunting lodges we saw in Europe that the royal families used to entertain in!