New Recipes on Black Sheep Cooking Club site!

I've finally finished creating all the recipes so that you can easily print them out. Now I'm back to work and I've got about a dozen new additions to the site. You'll notice a number of sausage recipes and ideas. Participants in our cooking classes have just loved making them so we'd thought we'd add a few suggestions to the site. Here's some of the new additions;

A word about summer truffles.
Great French Toast from last night's French Bread!

Hollandaise Sauce (from an experiment using frozen egg yolks.)

Eggs Benedict

One Potato Two Potatoes
In a kitchen time is precious, do two things at once.

Peeling Shrimp and using the skins for...!

Super Bowl Sunday's Ravens Kisses for dessert.
Something to do with Chocolate Mousee.

Sausages made in a Food Processor.

Sausages made by hand.

A quick Spanish style sausage.

Fresh Beets
A lot of people think they don't like them till they have them fresh!

Turkey Liver Mousse
I shot this at Thanksgiving and it's something I love to do every year.
My guests look forward to it also, so don't throw out the liver!