News for December

December 20th, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Check out some of the fun videos new this month!
For a current listing see;

Lamb additions include:

Roasting a bone-in Leg                                              Enjoying the Marrow

Using the bone for Cassoulet                                Trimming a Lamb Rack

Using the Trim Meat for Gnocchi                             Roasting a Rack of Lamb.

Also new this month you'll find;

Roast Quail with a Far East Feel                              A Fast easy Salza

Salmon and Whole Wheat Capellini

And check out what Diana got me for my birthday from the D'Artagnan people.

For those of you doing turkey this season, check out the Turkey & Avocado Tacos for a "leftovers" idea. (That was an employee favorite! Better yet follow the recipe as given but then smear the tortillas with Aioli sauce, then finish as shown.)

For those who of you who still need quick (and inexpensive) gifts that give all year long, there's still time to either join or to add friends, family or co-workers at our "Grand Opening" prices. You can find more info here;

Well, the New Year is almost here also, and we have a huge 2012 planned! Guest Chef-ing, Cooking Classes, Pop-ups here and there and hundreds of recipes and ideas to add to all the sites!

We are so happy to have you aboard, and ask you to please tell your food loving friends about us too!

Love to you, your families and especially your kids!
Rick & Diana Boufford

New on the Membership Site for November

November 30th, 2011

Let's just say I had way too much fun creating some of the new things we've added to the cooking site. Here's a quick rundown; Basic Pates, Salmon & Fish Terrines, Rare Ahi Tuna Steak, The Black Sheep's Cocido (a Spanish "Cassoulet"), Turkey for One or Two (cooking a breast), Turkey Thighs, an "Adult" Cranberry Sauce, and Pureed Cauliflower!
Basic Pate                                                          Salmon Terrine

Rare Ahi Tuna Steaks                                              A Black Sheep Cocido

Turkey for One or Two                                                          Turkey Thighs

"Adult" Cranberry Sauce                                                 Pureed Cauliflower

And last but not least we added a 13 part mini cooking class called "Vacation Cooking on the San Juan Islands" where we rented a house and cooked every meal the entire week, and still had plenty of time to chase killer whales, eagles, baby fox and other wildlife all over the island. (You can see some of Diana's photos on Diana's Photo Album page. )

And much more coming in December! Keep up with what's new at the Current Content page.

Thanks, Rick

Video Cooking Stories!

November 12, 2011

"So I gave one of your Video Cookbooks to each of my friends and told them we were having a Black Sheep reunion party! Then I said you're making the Black Sheep Salad Dressing, you're making such and such and on and on and we had the greatest "pot Luck" with each person making something from the video!"

"I love your DVD and I make many things, Paella, my family loves the Paella. We even make your "Chef's Salt" from scratch!"

"I tried your new Aioli (Rapido) that you have on the members site and I love it, it's so quick and easy!"

Thanks for sharing your stories!

Duck Dinner!

November 11, 2011 (11/11/11)

Our second "Pop Up" dinner was held at Nieuport 17 last night and again the support and participation was truly overwhelming! I had such a great time, not just cooking and putting out some of my all time favorite dishes, (Duck Pate, Confit of Duck Salad, Duck Breast with the Sangria Berry Sauce and Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce) but also seeing so many former Black Sheep Bistro customers.

Highlights included both what you were up to and what you like to do in the future (more about this in a later post.) Thank you!

Next Guest Chef Dinner

November 3, 2011

We're gathering Thursday, November 10th at Nieuport 17 for another fun dinner. This one revolves around duck. Duck Pate Appetizer, Confit of Duck Salad, Duck Breast with a Sangria Sun-Dried Berry Sauce for the Main Course and Profiteroles for Dessert (many of you knew them simply as Diana's Favorite.)

Call Nieuport 17 (in Tustin) for reservations at (714) 731-5130

Grand Opening!

November 1, 2011

OK, five years in the making we are finally ready with our membership site!
See the membership area of  The Black Sheep Cooking Club for details!

1st "Pop Up Dinner" at Nieuport 17

I finally got back in the kitchen for the Black Sheep Cooking Club's first guest chef dinner, a Wild Game dinner that was held Thursday, September 15th, 2011.  It was great to see the many faces I hadn't seen in a while and I thoroughly enjoyed the menu I got to create with chef Marco and his crew at Nieuport 17 (in Tustin.) I especially loved the room and the long table Nieuport 17 provided.

Thank you all, both to those who attended, and also to those who took the time to write to say they couldn't attend because of prior commitments. Both your participation and enthusiasm help to make more of these a reality. Already in the works is a "Duck" dinner probably sometime in November.

Some press links to the event;

Erik and Mike kicking things off with Chocolate Mousse!

Hi Rick and Diana,

Hope all is well.  I thought I would send you a few pictures of Erik making
chocolate mousse.  I am sure you are not surprised that was the first thing
he wanted to make. :-)  I also thought I would let you know that I when I
pick him up at school and drive by the old Black Sheep he say: " I really
miss Mr. Rick.  When do I get to see Mr. Rick.  Do you think he is funny on
Thursdays now?"

What are you guys up to now that you are not so busy?



Way to go Erik! You didn't happen to save me any did you?