New for January!

Here's our newest videos we added in January. For a full listing see:
The Black Sheep Cooking Club's Current Content page.

We give you our recipes to make your own "gifts." This is a great way to welcome in
a new neighbor, say thanks, or just to have on hand for a quick "just add water" dish.
A Split Pea Soup                                                            Risotto with dried mushrooms!
Packing up a Paella, Fideo, or a Couscous is easy!
Pizza Dough?

A fast and far better Chocolate Sauce
than anything pre-made!

Spent some time with my nephew cooking up some snails!
The classic "escargot" appetizer.         Second course is made with pasta and vegetables.
The Main Course!

And then we also added;
Italian Squash the way we did it at the Black Sheep.              A fish "Brik."

A lamb loin with chanterelle mushrooms!

To get these and other fun how to recipes joinn us at;

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